NYS has deemed auto repair as an essential business. We are open as normal and are also offering Pick-Up and Delivery for No Contact Service. Call for Details.



· NY State Vehicle Inspection
· Diesel Inspection
· Oil Change
· Brakes
· Transmission Service
· Lights
· Fluids
· Tire Pressures
· Grease Fittings
· Tune-Up
· Air Filter
· Rotor and Cap
· Spark Plugs
· Spark Plug Wires
· Charge Air Conditioning


· Check Engine Light
· Diagnose Problems
· Wheel Alignment Service
· Exhaust System
· Transmission Repair
· Clutch Repair
· Emmisions
· Fuel Injection
· Fuel Pump
· Heating System
· Air Conditioning Service
· Heater Core
· Radiator
· Electrical
· Switches


· Tires
· Shocks
· Struts
· Transmission
· Motor
· Timing Belt/ Chain
· Water Pump
· Battery
· Alternator
· Starter
· Coil Packs
· Control Arms
· Ball Joints
· 02 Sensors
· And Much More!


· Motor Work
· Transmission Work
· Lighting
· Electrical
· Winterize
· Shrink Wrap
Trailer Repair
· Axles
· Electric Brakes
· Tires
· Lights
· Wiring
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We send out Reminders when your Vehicle is Due for Inspection.
Miltner and Sons Auto Care State of New York Registration and Emissions Inspection Badges

Miltner & Sons Auto Care Services

We have many auto repair shop services ranging from simply fixing a flat tire to motor replacement to diagnostics on your domestic or foreign vehicle.

One of our most common services is changing oil every 2,500 miles or every 3 months depending how often you drive your vehicle. Another common service we handle are brakes. Brake pads are changed when needed and rotors are cut if in tolerance or replaced with new rotors, again depending on how much you drive.

We are a full tire service center with many brands of new tires, including balancing and mounting. With new tires, we recommend front or all wheel alignment service which is done right here in our auto mechanic shop. If we find upper - lower control arms, ball joints or tie rod ends needing replacement due to uneven tire tread wear, we will advise you with what needs to be done. Miltner and Sons Auto Care is your New York State Vehicle Inspection Center ensuring all safety points and emissions of your vehicle are in safe condition and ready to pass for inspection.

Pro-active maintenance against Re-active repair is key for your vehicle to ensure it will pass inspection. There are many mechanical and electronic parts that are continuously monitored by your vehicles PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and BCM (Body Control Modules). If something is not in tolerance set by the manufactures, it will turn on your service engine light. Which can be something as simple as a loose gas cap to an O2 sensor or other parts needing replacement, which our mechanic shop can do for you. Even if your vehicle has been repaired recently, it has to at least see 50 miles of normal every day driving, highway combined with local, for the PCM to give information for its readiness to be inspected, which we can check for you as well. Most basic things checked for inspection are, seat belts operational, windshield wipers working, all parking lights, turn signals, brake lights, back-up lights, head lights Hi/ Low beam working and the horn is operational. All wheels are pulled off to check brakes, in tolerance tire tread wear and a visual under vehicle inspection.

A road test is then performed checking for any problems that may occur while driving, e.g. braking, steer straight down the road, hesitations in acceleration, odd noises, etc. If all checks good, your vehicle is ready for inspection. Any of our services, we check and fill any fluids needed that are low.

We cover so many parts of your vehicle to keep you and your family safe. Informing you of what is needed immediately or things that can wait a while until your next visit with us.

We look forward towards servicing your family’s vehicles.

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