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Wheel Alignment Northport NY

Servicing Customers in Northport for all their wheel alignment needs.
Keeping your vehicles wheels straight set by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Specifications, is through a wheel alignment machine.    

Proper Wheel Alignment
A good wheel alignment requires checking all components of the vehicle's system. Tire life and related parts that make up for a true wheel alignment, can be greatly extended through periodic checks and maintenance. Above all, is safety for your occupants, maintaining the wheels to be aligned straight.

Chassis Parts for Suspensions
One part if worn, can effect the whole harmony within the suspension system effecting the vehicle from driving straight. Your car's steering, suspension and frame are a great part of the chassis, when out of alignment, it can effect your steering response or handling.

What parts make up the suspension?
Typical Non-Front Wheel Drive
Upper Control Arm
Lower Control Arm
Control Arm Shaft
Control Arm Bushings
Upper Ball Joint
Lower Ball Joint
Inner Tie Rod
Outer Tie Rod
Tie Rod Adjustment Sleeve
Sway Bar
Sway Bar Bushings
Idler Arm
Center Link
Pitman Arm
Coil Springs

Typical Front Wheel Drive
Rack and Pinion
Inner Tie Rod
Outer Tie Rod
Rack and Pinion
Coil Springs
Ball Joints
C.V. (Constant Velocity) Parts
C.V. Drive Shafts
C.V. Joints
C.V Boots
Sway Bar
Sway Bar Bushings

Typical Independent Rear Suspension
Beam Axle Rear Suspension
Beam Axle
Trailing Arm
Track Bar
Coil Springs

When our shop goes through inspecting all of these parts and finds the troubled part, it then gets replaced. Sometimes a part that needs replacing may not warrant for a wheel alignment. Adjustable parts would for sure need to go onto our wheel alignment machine.

Wheel Alignment Process

Wheel laser beam reflectors are temporarily mounted onto all 4 wheels.
Steering wheel is straightened, centered and strapped to ensure no movement.
Vehicle information is entered into wheel alignment machine, in-turn giving specific OEM measurements. 
Camber Angle: The angle measured through the top and bottom of wheel from the center point on vehicle which it is mounted to.
Caster Angle: Is the longitude angle measured through the upper ball joint and lower ball joint mounted on the vehicle.
Toe Angle: The angle measured through the rear and front of wheel from the center point on vehicle which it is mounted to.
Alignment machine will displaying how positive or negative the actual measurements are out of alignment on your vehicle.
The technician can now adjust these points on each wheel until they zero or fall in tolerance with OEM measurements.
Once the process is finished, the technician will take it for a test drive, ensuring the wheel alignment machine has done its job.

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